Natasha's Titled: TD, with further training in Cadaver, and Protection
(bred/trained/handled by Ramona Mogan)
Hips/Elbows: OFA Hips GOOD #GS-77367G30F-NOPI
OFA Elbows NORMAL # GS-EL21101F30-NOPI
Pedigree: Rocky: 1 of 2. Oresta: 1 of 2.
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Natasha was a strong, medium large, dark sable female from our 3 x Rocky / Oresta breeding combination. This combination produced healthy dogs with no health problems or hip/elbow dysplasia reported to date. Natasha carried considerable working drives. Her favorite working disciplines were protection, and tracking which she performed with great enthusiasm. Ball, prey and retrieve drive were all very strong. She was controllable around other dogs and excepting of our cats. She was a dog that is very self confident with a lively, playful, loving character reminiscent of her dam Oresta. The pups Natasha has had for us have been very good and are currently being prepared for the following working areas: Dog Guide for the blind, top sport, Search and Rescue, and family.

From her sire's line, our own Rocky Venusina Sopka, Natasha is from the 2nd bloodline founded by Hettel Uckermark to the renowned working branch over Greif v. Felsenstein. Other significant ancestors from her sire's side are: Kass v Furstendamm, Iwo v.d. Buschecke, Drago z Humnan, Cordon An-Sat, Tom z Pohranicni Straze. Natasha is a typical daughter of her father Rocky Venusina Sopka, from which she inherited strong retrieve drive, aggression level and complete joy of working.

Natasha's mother, our Oresta z Dalub Bohemia was a exceptional working dog and producer. She brought the blood of the 5th line founded by Rolf v. Osnabrucker Land, and the precious blood of V Berry v. Christelas and V Gero v. Markersdorf. Oresta, like Rocky also carried the excellent working blood of Dar z Przma and Vilmar z Marusky (great grandsire of Cordon An-Sat). Natasha's grandfather, Fram z Dalub was a National Participant for the World FCI team and was also a National Participant for the World WUSV team. From her mother, Natasha inherited her attractive color, high trainability and loving personality.

Line breeding is seen on the following dogs in Natasha's pedigree: TREU v Schaferstolz: 5 , 6 / IWO v.d. Buschecke: 5 , 6 / DAR z Przma: 6 ,8 - 6 / BOJAR v. Schotterhof: 6 , 6 / VILMAR z Marusky: 6 , 7 / and VIKTOR v.d. Edelquelle: , 6 - 7.