x is a healthy black and tan male of average size with large bone/head.  He has good temperament, solid nerves/character and very good working drives. He is social, possess very good ball drive and very good defense and prey drive. His tracking is strong and in the style suited for Law Enforcement. Ex displays potential for police work, protection, SAR and family use.  He carries a very nice pedigree of strong Czech, Slovak and West German working blood.  He has tested excellent for semen quantity and quality.  Due to all the above, Ex is being used for breeding by the RCMP Police Dog Breeding Program Canada.

Ex carries linage of strong working dogs, old Czech blood making up the majority of his pedigree.
Both his sire and dam are extensively titled. 
Both have competed at the highest level, achieving the demanding ZVV3 title. 
Both have earned the crown of being ÚM CR Czech National Champion, (sire of Ex is a 3 x ÚM CR CACT Champion).  His dam competed and certified in TART earning T1, T2 (Law Enforcement and Security dogs regularly compete in this competition).
Both parents are proven producers of working progeny.  

he sire line of Ex was intensively used at the renown
z Pohranicni straze kennel and it is worth noting the following;
His sire Cir z Vydri louky
is a  physically strong male with solid mental character. He is a "real" dog with super protection and tracking skills.  Cir earned 3 x UM CR CACT (CZ), and is ZVV3, IPO3, BH, FPr1, ZM, ZPS1 titled.
Cir is from a 2 x breeding combination. Both the A and C z Vydrouly litter's produced offspring with 0/0 hips/elbows, and achieved multiple titles at a high level. Some of these dog's competed in the most demanding areas of tracking and protection work;
TART (Law Enforcement and security dogs regularly compete in this) T3 level being the highest.
FPr3 (very demanding tracking title, 3 being the highest).
ZVV3 (more real/demanding compared to IPO/SchH, 3 being the highest).

His excellent dam Kecke Kiltevs is an extensively titled "real" female.  She carries the demanding ZVV3 title and is a ÚM CR Czech National Champion, she has earned TART T1 and T2 certification. And she is a proven brood of working progeny.  There are few female's after having gone through the demanding training-titling that Kecka has, go on to prove themselves good broods of working progeny.  Few female's have all these credentials! The pedigree behind Kecka is extremely interesting containing old Czech and Slovakian bloodlines that are represented in the majority of dogs from these countries that regularly took part in GS World Championships (WUSV). Her sire line leads to the strong West German working dog Tyson von der Schiffslache. Tyson was a 3 x LGA Sieger, 3 x Bundessiegerprufing and 3 x WUSV (World  competitor), SG SchH3, Kkl1. He has also produced numerous World team offspring.