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Zoot and Jetta "X" litter

Xurk of Sapphire Mountain:
Jetta vom Feldhaus
Titled: TD Tracking Dog, TDU Tracking Dog Urban
Hips: Hips/Elbows/DNA/DM: Clear: 
PennHIP Certified: 90th % Excellent hip health
OFA Preliminary Rated Elbows: Normal  view here
Owner: Sapphire Shepherds

Email received 8/29/2013: reference to two pups from the Zoot / Jetta litter:
Ramona- I am an unabashed GSD lover and am currently working with my 8th GSD who is a TDI registered therapy dog as have been the last three. I just finished looking (thoroughly!) at your website which is really tremendous- great job! You are obviously doing great work with your dogs which is a breath of fresh air compared to others I have seen. Two members of the obedience club I am a member of, Catawba Valley Obedience Club in western NC, have recently acquired a brother/sister pair from you and they are both delighted with them. No need to reply to this email, I just wanted to let you know that I think you are doing a marvelous job!  Gerald Young

Xahria of Sapphire Mountain
Jetta vom Feldhaus
Titled: UKC URO1, scored 95 out of a possible 100 receiving 1st place. CGC.
Rally; 1st. leg with 93 points, qualified for 2nd leg with 88 points.
Conformation; Best Female; 9 months of age beat out by adult male, not bad for a working bloodline female!
Hips: x-rayed healthy reported by owner and vet
Owner: Kath
Email's received:
#1: UKC show weekend. One trial today, 2 tomorrow and 1 Sunday.  Entered Xahria in all four trials.  Xahria qualified today with a score of 95 out of a possible 100 receiving 1st Place AND her URO1 Title! I've moved her up, so tomorrow she will start competing for the URO2 title. RO2 is all off-lead. Kath
#2: This afternoon, Xahri entered the ring for her first ever Rally 1A trial and did us proud!  She’s never worked without treats before, so that was all new too!  She completed the course and got a wonderful 93 pts. our of the possible 100!  Not only did she earn the first leg toward her title, she took 2nd place for RO1A.  Conformation ring she got Best Female, but didn’t get Breed – she was beat out by an adult male.  But, she showed really well and made us very proud, she has beautiful movement. Tomorrow, we go back for more! Kath & the Furkids 
#3: It just doesn't seem possible that Xahria and Xavier "Gabe" turned 1 year old this week!  Time goes by way too fast.  Lil and I had lunch yesterday and she had Gabe with his Service Dog vest, he was beautifully behaved in the restaurant! Both are starting on jumps in their training. Xahria loves to receive the Jolly Ball!! Getting ready to start AKC Novice Obedience class in August and hope to compete the first leg for her UKC RO1 Title in October. Kath

Xavier of Sapphire Mountain,
aka Gabe
Dam: Jetta vom Feldhaus
Service Dog
x-rayed healthy reported by owner and vet
Owner: Lillian
Email received 2014:
Gabe is the perfect dog for me. His personality is super. We eat out two to three times a week at different restaurants.  Go to the grandchildren’s band concerts in gyms where the acoustics are horrible also to church.  We will start taking him to plays this fall and also to football games.  People remark all the time about how well behaved he is to be as   young he is. He weighs 89 pounds. His training so far  has been based on how we started out with our guide dog puppies.  Beginning to teach him to pick up and give. Doesn’t take him long to catch on, he thinks he belongs on the front seat and not in his crate.  Try to get him in crowds as much as possible.  Crowds nor noise bothers him. We are working on beginner’s novice and hope to enter him in some shows.  I really prefer agility.  Lillian

Xanto of Sapphire Mountain
aka Norse
Dam: Jetta vom Feldhaus
Larissa, also a co-owner of Lary Bret-Bett
Email's received:
#1; Norse visits the Alamo! (I don't suggest it, we got promptly kicked off the property because dogs aren't allowed.) He was a show stopper generating huge crowds of admirers blocking the sidewalks. Probably another reason they made us take off.  He gets along so far with the cats, too.  Fits right in!   Larissa 
#2; "Xanto" celebrated his first birthday and is doing great.  He is fabulous. Larissa

Xant of Sapphire Mountain
Jetta vom Feldhaus
The Borsheims's have trained in SAR and said they have plans for the same with Xant.  
Email's received:
#1: Glock is doing great. I haven't had time to work with him, but he is over the top in play/prey drive.  I have never had a dog with this much nerve, nothing seems to phase him.  He is also laid back until the point he isn't, then he is all business.  Takes a lot to get him there.  He has a pretty good nose on him but not quite as good as Gjetta of Sapphire Mountain, but that could be experience.  He is about 85 lbs. of muscle.  Picture is an example of what this goof ball will do to get the prized toy. If you saw the picture, he has a Doberman "brother".  The Doberman is a complete smart a$$ and pretty much taunts the other two dogs.  When Glock has had enough, I need to be present to shut it down.  Glock is alpha. As far as work ethic, it takes nothing to take him out and teach him anything.  He is all in for anything. Like I said, haven't had a dog like this before.  What I like is at times, he will just lay down and study what is going on so he can learn what's up.

#2: Glock is doing great.  He sure is a treat.  Very forward, getting along good with Gjetta (Mambo/Natasha), holds his own.  Figuring thinks out pretty fast.   We better stay in front, training wise with this guy.   Richard