Yazzy is absolutely beautiful.  Extremely lively and playful in character, she is a large female with very strong bones and elegant expression. She adapts quickly to a new handler and environment. She shows intelligence, good nerve and approach to new situations and people.  Her drives are balanced and on a good level for training. Raised on a large ranch, Yazzy traveled extensively with her owner and was raised in a home environment around other animals and dogs. As active and playful as she is, she is settled and well mannered in the house.
Yazzy carries a 100% working pedigree of very strong German and Czech blood. She is a good mother to her pups. Her first litter with Xurk produced pups with strong drive, good nerve and social character. Her pups fight long over articles, have strong retrieve drive, are environmentally solid nerved, and they are a fun, outgoing social bunch of pups that love to bite! These pups have strong bones, good size, standard coat and are in both working and personal/family homes.