Xurk offspring:

Margo of Sapphire Mountain in SAR training;
Ramona,  I thought I’d take a moment and update you on Margo (Loki). She is doing great!  We are working with trainers that specializes in Police K9, Protection, Tracking, etc. and they absolutely love her. She is tracking like a pro already and we might go for certification in May.  I also have her enrolled in a week long HRD and Tracking training/seminar coming up in May so I am excited to see how she takes to that. She hikes with us almost every weekend and has been canoeing. She was not sure of the water at first, but as you can see from the photos she loves it now.  The trainers love her drive and focus, if only I could keep up!  I’ll keep you posted as her training progresses.  Beth


of Sapphire Mountain, BHx2, AD, OFA Good/Normal

early training photos;

Ramona- I hope you are doing well.  I wanted to let you know that Michelle and Freyja are getting along well!  She is working towards her BH.  Freyja is tracking well and showing nice balanced drives.  The photos below are from a training sessions today. Rene

(working on grip)

Hi Ramona, Happy 4th of July! Rene

At Glacier National Park, IPO3 Bear of Sapphire Mountain and pup Frejya of Sapphire Mountain; 
Ramona, I wanted to let you know that we made it back to Colorado. Everyone did well.  The female is looking really good.  She spent a couple nights in hotels, was very outgoing and met lots of people.  She also had no problems with elevators and a variety of surfaces. Lots of energy and fun.  Thanks again for taking good care of Bear. I look forward to seeing how the pups turn out.  Rene

Fokken of Sapphire Mountain; CGC
Hey Ramona! I haven't updated you in a long time on Drako from Xurk/Na Pali F litter. They are almost 2 now, which is crazy, time is sure flying by. Drako is CGC certified and the quickest learner! We can work on new commands and with a few tries he has them down. He would be an awesome sport dog, but unfortunately there is no IPO or any training near us to work him further. We keep him busy working on new commands and tricks and he loves to work, the ball is his life. He will do anything for a toy reward.  We get lots of compliments on him for his brains AND beauty. He has been a joy to have in the family. Thank you again. I attached a couple photos from when he was 15-17 months old. He is quite a big boy weighing in at under 90lbs. Hope you enjoy these photos and know he is loved! Monica

Hey Ramona, Just wanted to give you an update on Fokken (Na Pali / Xurk F litter) aka Drako! He is now 6 months old weighing in at 63lbs and doing GREAT!! He is beautiful and so smart! He goes everywhere with us, loves bike rides and hikes! He knows over 20 commands and is a sharp learner! We can't go for a walk without someone stopping us to say how beautiful looking he is! He is great with my kids and has bonded with my oldest son, doesn't leave his side! We cant thank you enough for this wonderful addition to our family, we love him and are so happy he is a part of our family. Thank you! Monica Hawkins

Zar of Sapphire Mountain, (Xurk x Flame) & grand sire of Zar, Zoot of Sapphire Mountain, ( Rocky x Varna);

2015; Ramona, Zar is a yr. old now. He has matured a lot and we are so happy with him. He is Mr. Watchdog! No problem with kids or parents coming up the stairs for music lessons, he loves it, but someone knocking on the front door is always suspect and gets the bark from hell. Also anyone coming up the stairs when both of us are teaching gets the bark and stops them in their tracks! We're in the process of teaching him, "it's OK, quiet" and it's coming along. Brooke has him in the habit of getting his teeth brushed every night. He loves it. I will send another picture of him soon. He is also very affectionate unlike Zoot. Zoot is typical senior citizen set in his ways and loving routine. He will bug you to no end if it's time to eat, time for his dog bone, or time for a walk to the park.  Anyway, thanks again for the beautiful dogs. Chuck and Brooke
7-12-2016; Ramona, Here's some pics of Zoot and Zar taken this evening after the sun was setting so not too much color. Zar has more light brown in him that isn't showing. 1st pic:  Fake fight... Zar gets Zoot to chase him and then falls and stays on the ground and lets Zoot be the tough guy-ha.  2nd pic: Buddies again!

Mighty Onyx of Sapphire Mountain; (Xurk x Ruta);
Ramona, Onyx is becoming quite the ham! All adult teeth are in! Done with Intermediate Obedience. His instructor said he was the best GSD she's had and best intermediate obedience class she's had! Woohoo. Onto CGC next!
(Attached some recent photos! The photo on his back is after he was cuddling up to Mike, who provides animal reiki at my clinic. He loves reiki and always tries to cuddle up to get Mike to do some on him... he happily flipped to get some on his belly after Mike began!) Erin
Video of first snowfall;   https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dK55UD_FbGo

Ramona, Onyx is fitting in well! He's such a good pup! I put a little video together of his first week. If you'd like to see...

Sat evening I took him to downtown Naperville - lots of people to meet, sights and sounds, pet friendly stores, etc. He did SO well! And he showed almost everyone his sit! (He's very proud of his sit!)  One night everyone crashed on the couch. When we woke up about 1a, "where's Onyx?" He was the smart one who went upstairs and was sleeping in the bed!  He's at the animal hospital with me today and "worked" the front desk all morning. Now we're outside on lunch - he's having a lamb bone and as I'm typing, watching a loud train go by... nothing startles him. :) 
Dr. Erin O'Connor / AVCA Animal Chiropractor / ACAN Carnivore Nutrition Consultant

Machiavelli of Sapphire Mountain CGC;
Porta Rico;

Hi Ramona, this is just another mini update on Machiavelli. I am loving her. She is a dog with utmost confidence and nerve. I'm certain she'd walk straight into battle and not look back! She is, as you said, smart as a whip. I can see the gears turning in her head as she analyzes a problem. She is a dog who thinks before acting. Her nose is great, too. With absolutely no formal training she can find the cats in the backyard when they get lost or her lost toys. She can be a bit naughty (just normal puppy stuff, really) and has lots of energy. She's also super sweet with guests and with people in general.
She's started her training and everyone at the training school was immediately impressed by her dazzling good looks, lol! The school owner told me I must have imported her or something, because he hadn't seen a dog like mine in years. I myself am very impressed with how well she's taken to training. Her "stays" are super solid, she trots on leash beautifully, and has good, reliable "sits" (we're working on those "downs"). Great recall, too. Can't wait to take her into the ring with me!  I've attached a couple of photos. The obligatory holiday family pictures included. I hope this holiday season finds you, your dogs, and your family well. Merry Christmas from my family to yours! Alicia


...She's highly alert and focused. Everyone compliments her on her structure; she's a really beautiful dog! She loves exploring the yard while I do my gardening and thankfully sticks relatively close and hasn't gotten into trouble. Basic commands were a breeze. I've started her on the October 1 round of Fenzi classes until she's old enough for group obedience classes. It's such a shame she can't compete until she hits six months, at this point I'm sure she could earn her CGC in no time.

Marrok of Sapphire Mountain; TX (Xurk x Ruta)
Hi Ramona,  Just wanted to update you on "Marrok" - his name is actually Choctaw (had that name picked out for years).  He was a sleeper in the beginning that's for sure and then one day his energy was bountiful. He is amazing -ridiculously smart, housebroken, knows all of his commands (sit, down, stand, stay, here, heel, off, leave it - and can do it all from a distance) we took him into a huge crowd with live music in Austin and he did wonderful - everyone was loving on him saying how much he looked like a little police dog. He is retrieving to hand and tugging a jute with a full deep bite. He is great with people, dogs, cats, donkeys, cows, and in all environments. He LOVES to swim! He lights up when he smells raw food. I couldn't have asked for a better dog. Thanks so much! Lisa Russell

Montikka of Sapphire Mountain
, (Xurk x Ruta);
Star Puppy Certified

Hi Ramona,  I just wanted to write and give you an update on Montikka (AKA Tikka).  She has truly become a member of our family.  She is eager to learn new things and is very smart.  She just got her AKC Star Puppy certification this week (with our 12-year old daughter as handler) and graduated from Puppy Kindergarten.  She also won the contest for Cute Puppy trick!  We have taken her lots of new places and she is always ready for the next adventure.  We have received so many compliments on her intelligence, looks and good nature.  Two veterinarians we know both commented on her good breeding.  It is a compliment to you, Ramona, and your great dogs!  I'm including some recent photos. By the way, she is really taking to tracking.  I just transitioned her from finding food, to tracking personal items and she's doing great!  Sincerely,  Janelle

Xurk x Ruta pup in Canada;
I would like to thank you for the great dog you have sold me.

He has been a real pleasure to have around us. We left you late September , travelled by car , visit many peoples and places. Now we are back home near Ottawa , after a long plane ride. He is well adapted and very calm.

The puppy “Fury”  is  probably twice as big as a month ago. Very happy and very lively. I go out for long walk with him in the forest, he is amazing at finding his way back home. Doesn’t matter how many junctions we cross on the trail, he always seems to be good to find his way back home. He puts his nose down and bring me back home. I never seen a dog like this. Lots of fun!
We feed him with mix of dry dog food and raw wild meat. Raw meat is definitively his preferred diet. He goes crazy when we feed him with meat. Thank you so much, Josee Auclair

Midnight Onyx of Sapphire Mountain
, (Ruta x Xurk);

Hi Ramona,  Wanted to send you a quick email to let you know how great Onyx is doing. He's past his puppy kindergarten class and will start obedience training in January.  He loves playing ball and has an excellent nose, he's already finding Shed Antlers in the house. He is full of energy and always ready to have fun! I've attached a few pictures of him, hope you enjoy. Have a wonderful holiday and a happy new year!    Cherie Wilson

Faro of Sapphire Mountain: CA
Hi Ramona, We thought you'd like to see how one of your pups has been doing.  Surname Faro call name is Kratos. He's getting big and weighs in at 70 Lbs already.  He's the best dog we have ever owned.  Very smart and loyal.  He loves to swim in the pool, prey-chase drive is strong and every time the baby cries he cries too.  While potty training he only had 3 accidents the entire time!!  We wanted to say thank you for the addition to our family.  Billy 

Xurk -Flame female:
2016; Hi Ramona, Happy Holidays. It's been awhile and I thought we were overdue for an update on our Eloise. She continues to be the best dog I have ever had! She is obedient, playful, intelligent and confident. She is friendly with new people and dogs and she does very well when we go out into the community. However; her most remarkable quality is her devotion to our children. She loves playing with them, she gets on the trampoline with them, she goes up and down the slide with them. She trots faithfully alongside our son when he goes to play at the neighbors house and stays with the kids during whatever game they play. She is everything I had hoped for when I chose to get a GSD as our family companion.  Thank you! Sandi

2015; Hi Ramona,  It's been almost two months and I just wanted to let you know things are going well with Eloise. We love her so much! She is so clever and wants to be a part of everything the kids and I do. She "helps" me in my garden every evening and I took this photo today at the farmers market in West Glacier where I sell vegetables every week. I have been bringing her with me and she meets lots of people and dogs and is very friendly and confident. We have taken her canoeing twice and she has been riding on the paddle board as well. She seems to like the water more and more every time we go out. She has such a good personality, she is not afraid to follow our family wherever we go but at the same time she is content on her own those times when she needs to stay behind. She is quick to learn and most people are amazed at how obedient she is considering she is still a puppy.
Thank you again for bringing such a great dog into my world!

Hi Ramona, Thanks for the paperwork!  Everything is going well here.  So glad we got two at the same time, they are entertaining each other beautifully.  And our male, who we call Rocky, looks just like Lary.  He is more fluffy and has the most beautiful eyes.  If I can ever get them to sit still, I will send you pictures :)  He is our more chill pup and is chewing everything.  Our female, who we call Kona, is our feisty one.  Super smart, great listener and tons of energy. Everyone who sees them think they are beautiful and always comment they haven't seen black german shepherds before.  Thank you for raising such lovely pups!  Take care,  Kelli Walker