rom his sires side Xurk is a product of a 2nd generation breeding put together at Sapphire Shepherds.  We have also owned and extensively used two of his 3rd generation ancestors in our breeding program.  Xurk is a very healthy, handsome,  large dark bi-color male of strong build with outstanding temperament. He has strong balanced drives and is a social, clear-headed dog with stable aggression. He has excellent confidence in new environments, super judgment around people and other animals. He loves to work. He is a fun, intelligent dog, very active and forward moving yet can come in the house and settle. Typical of his lines, Xurk is a strong natural retriever, gives full strong bites, loves to work for his handler with his favorite reward being a thrown ball or a good rub from his handler.  Xurk also has strong food drive.  He has excellent hip health, certifying in the 90th percentile through PennHIP, OFA Preliminary Rated  Normal elbows, DM Clear N/N.  Xurk was hand selected from a very nice litter of 7 pups, 5 of them males who demonstrated good nerve and well rounded working abilities.  A true "character" to work with and be around with his upbeat, fun attitude.  I am fortunate to have a dog like Xurk in my program again.

Xurk carries a very strong working pedigree. His sire Zoot brings in a pedigree of all old Czech blood! These genetics where used in large abundance for Law Enforcement. His dam Jetta carries a very strong working pedigree with an excellent branch of Canadian Law Enforcement dog's and World Level competition dog's.  These are dogs who not only worked the streets as Police Service dogs, they also produced them! Additionally, two dogs wnet on to compete and Champion at the Canadian Police Dog Championships. Canadian Police Service dog Appolo (TEL). TEL was the 1989 Winner of the Canadian Police Dog Championships. His sire ALDO vom Gertrudenstift was also a Police Service Dog for the city of Calgary and in 1984 was crowned Winner of the Canadian Police Dog Championships. Jetta's excellent working pedigree is also loaded with dogs who competited (some Championed) on the WUSV, LGA, FCI World and National teams. Jetta's dam Foxi is a full littermate to ( 6 x FCI & WUSV World Team) Frodo van de Biezenhoeve; KK1, SchH3/IPO3/HPO3.  
From all these proven genetics it is safe to say we expect Xurk to produce dogs of strong drive and stable aggression well suited for versatile use from Law Enforcement to family homes.

We have been fortunate to have owned and or bred the following strong dogs behind Xurk;
Rocky Venusina sopka (grand-sire of Xurk), 
Varna z Pohrancini straze (grand-dam of Xurk),
Zoot of Sapphire Mountain (sire of Xurk),
Jetta vom Feldhaus (dam of Xurk), 

The same breeding combination which produced Xurks sire Zoot, also produced these two fine dogs:
Rhea of Sapphire Mountain: Search and Rescue Cadaver Level 1 certified.  Hips/Elbows OFA Excellent/Normal. Sold into the RCMP Dog Breeding Program as a brood female and used successfully with her offspring now in their program.
Chay-Da of Sapphire Mountain: Working Search and Rescue dog in Wyoming. Hips/Elbows; OFA Good/Normal.  Cadaver 2, Water Shore, Water Open, Avalanche, Wilderness Search, Trailing 3, HRD, Evidence, Building, Urban, Area. Working Certified Narcotics & Tracking dog for the Grand Teton National Park & Teton County Law Enforcement Departments.