Ursa offspring:

Nodin of Sapphire Mountain; SAR Cadaver 1 at 14 months of age.

Hemi of Sapphire Mountain;  Titled; CA

Hemi of Sapphire Mountain left & half sister on right, Cinder of Sapphire Mountain titled; NA, NAJ, OA

Hi Ramona,  Here's a pic of Hemi at 6 months that we took at an agility trial today with our two Belgians. She's getting so big! She's doing good. She's a very persistent and demanding little girl. She's 7 weeks into an agility puppy class and is doing really well. She loves anything that involves running and she wants to jump on everything, although we limit that since she's still growing.  Patty

Hi Ramona,  I have been meaning to send you an update on her all week, but she has been keeping us quite busy! We are absolutely in love with her! She has adapted very well.  She is a very confident, social, bold, smart, and eager pup with lots of energy. She is just as you described her to be. I think she is going to do great with agility and anything else we decide to do with her.  By the way, congratulations on earning Ursa's TD! Sounds like she did great in some really hard conditions!   Patty

Nhakaina of Sapphire Mountain: SAR



Hey,  Just thought I'd give you a quick update! Kaina is doing amazing, we started scentwork and she is now using her nose for everything! Her recall is coming along great, as are all her other commands. She is eager to please and loves everyone and every dog she has met. I couldn't be more thrilled. Will keep you updated as her training progresses, and I've attached a few pics for you on a hike up Mt. Vigil and got a couple great pics. She's the best! Janelle

Ramona,  Just wanted to let you know how much I am in love with this puppy. She is hands down the best pup I've ever seen, I am utterly blown away by her. She sat quietly in the car the whole way back, and didn't get sick at all. She is already potty trained and immediately goes outside when I take her, the only accident she had was my fault for not letting her out. She wakes me up when she needs to go and goes right away when I take her out, it's amazing. (I'm sure that is all from you starting her, so thank you for that). She is so smart and playful and curious, listens well and is such a love bug. I've also brought her into many places with me already, wherever allows me in, and she curls up by my feet and lays quietly the whole time. She doesn't know a stranger, and is happy to give love to everyone she meets. Like I said, she astounds me and I am so thankful, she is perfect. Her name is Nhakaina, Kaina for short "kay-nuh". Thank you again, I am so excited for her future and will keep you updated on her progress.  Janelle


N-Cisco Of Sapphire Mountain;
Hi Ramona,  I just wanted to tell you that Cisco has settled in with us. He travels really well, doesn’t get carsick, he’s coming to the office with me for now and doing well there also. Eats like a champ and loves his raw meat. We are so happy with him, definitely a very smart pup, getting along well with people and other dogs…cats may be a different story! We are having fun with him and watching him change daily. Everyone we introduce him to cannot believe his beautiful markings. I’ve attached a couple of photos of him, one is in HIS flower garden…ha-ha. I can see a lot of Kona in him, call him “Mini-Kona” at times! He just stares back at me, like “Yeah, I am!”
Thank you so much for this beautiful little guy! Talk to you soon, hope all is well.  Eve



Niall of Sapphire Mountain;
Hi Ramona, I hope everything is well. Update on Niall.  I thought I'd send you a photo of Niall. This is from last Sunday. We had a great time at the beach and then went to a dog friendly cafe. He is doing great. We are starting a Nose Work training next week that will last several weeks, and will do Agility too soon. I will be sending more photos every once in awhile, if you'd like.  Best regards,  Julia

Hirva of Sapphire Mountain;

Very smart puppy! She already knows verbal and signal to sit in Slovak! :) WOW! She is doing well on potty training and is eating like a horse! She is also using her nose really well and can find my kids socks in the yard. She cries a little at night when she is placed in her crate so we put the crate in our bedroom for now and we got a good nights sleep. Just had to tell her we were there. She also woke me up to go outside last night! Couldn't be happier with her. My first dog ever was a standard poodle, a female. This is the only female I have had since Mia and it's great. They sure are different! Thanks again! Nick

Hi there! Just checking in. Freya (H) is doing well. She is 33 pounds, beautiful coat that is easy to groom and perfect temperament with the kids. Her eyes are clear, hearing is outstanding and she really has a nose for finding stuff. Structure, tendons bones and muscle are all good.. I can't train dogs like you can but I do expect a lot out of them. I have had a few shepherds, a Poodle and Doberman, she is by far the smartest and most loving dog I have ever had. Every day with her is an adventure. It's a lot of fun watching her develop. Hope you have a happy and successful holiday season. Nick Knutson



Hodaka of Sapphire Mountain: Oklahoma, call name "Doc".
Doc's Journal: 2/21/2015
The photo of my graduation from basic obedience! I was voted by the instructors as "the best behaved'....of course!...anything for more affection.


H-Bella of Sapphire Mountain; 

Ramona, Thought I'd give you an update on Bella. I just love her and let her know it often.  Potty training is going well. Took her hiking yesterday and today and she showed a lot more adventurous spirit.  She knows her name and comes when I call.  So smart.  I'll keep you updated, but you must know that I am so pleased with this pup!  The crate is going well since I covered the top.  She sleeps through the night in my bedroom with no problem.  I couldn't do this with her if I weren't here all day.  So grateful to be a retired GS owner! Teri

Helga of Sapphire Mountain;
Hi Ramona, Very happy with new puppy, confident but calm. Doing well in the crate at night. Big dogs are adjusting to her nicely! Have not co mingled them yet. This is our 6th puppy we have raised together! Changed her "street" name to Shelby (not Sasha). She is beautiful, fur like a mink. Sincerely, Krista