"L' litter Sapphire Shepherds offspring from Ulysses and Na Pali:

Leonidas of Sapphire Mountain
Hi Ramona,  Just wanted to give you an update on Duke... He's doing extremely well. His basic obedience is coming along nicely and he is beyond smart. Einstein level.. Anyways I hope all is well.   Curt

Ms. Ramona, 
Our puppy is doing well. She is really pretty awesome. She was perfect on the boat and is great in the crate while traveling.  Thank you very much, Brantley

Ramona,  Love this dog. She's doing well. Loving the water. Retrieving off of the paddle board. Thanks again, Brantley and Hayden

Lou pe Nella of Sapphire Mountain:
We just call him Lou. House training going well. He's doing so well in everything that can be expected of a puppy. Plan on sending more info your way soon. Thanks so very much, Chuck
Lalumanu of Sapphire Mountain: 
Hi Ramona, I hope you are well! We are loving out little man Uso. I wanted to give you an update on the name so you have that for the litter registration if you need it. His official name is Lalumanu USO ( we used Weston’s favorite beach in Samoa along with his name so we got the L covered!)
Uso is a total sweetie and we all love him more every day. After the first night he has slept in the kennel pretty much the whole night with only one quick outing for a pee. Weston and he are very tight and he already can sit on command and they are working on ‘down’. Such a smart little guy! 
All the best to you!   Jacquie