ouché is a strong, very attractive dark bi-color with a lively personality. She has balanced working drives and great social character.  Her  nerves are strong, she is clear headed with stable aggression, a passionate retriever with strong prey and full grips. She loves to work and her greatest reward is a hearty game of tug and a thrown ball.  She is athletic, powerful, playful, good with other animals and people. She can come in the house at night and settle yet fires up immediately for training with enthusiasm.  She is a busy dog that wants to be involved in whatever it is I am doing.  She is a titled TD Tracking Dog.
Touché carries a very strong working pedigree of Police Service and world level competition dogs. The top half of her pedigree carries very strong Czech and DDR blood starting with her sire Santo who was from foundation dogs Rocky and Oresta going back to the following exceptional, influential working and producing dogs; Tom z Pohranicni straze and DDR Treu v. Schaeferstolz, Astor v. Waldidyll and Berry v. Christelas.  The bottom half of Touches' pedigree is also very strong with dogs who not only worked the streets as Police Service Dogs, they also produced them. Canadian Police Service Dog Appolo (TEL) was the 1989 Winner of the Canadian Police Dog Championships. His sire ALDO vom Gertrudenstift was also a Police Service Dog for the city of Calgary and in 1984 won the CPCA Nat'l Championships.  Touches' dam Jetta, also brings in very strong West German working linage loaded with dogs who competed (some Championed) on the WUSV, LGA, FCI World, National teams.  Her mother Foxi, is a littermate to (6 x FCI & WUSV World Team) Frodo van de Biezenhoeve; KK1, SchH3/IPO3/HPO3.  

We have owned or bred the following strong dogs behind Touché;
Santo of Sapphire Mountain; OFA Excellent/Normal, SAR Cadaver 1, Narc. certified  
Jetta vom Feldhaus; OFA Fair/Normal  
SG Oresta z Dalub Bohemia; 0/0, 5CU1/P. 2 tr., IPO3, ZPO1, ZVV1, SchH1
SG Rocky Venusina sopka; 0/0, SchH2, IPO2, ZVV1, CGC

Two other dogs from the same breeding as Touché; 

Little Bear of Sapphire Mountain  "Bear"
Sire: Santo of Sapphire Mountain
Dam: Jetta vom Feldhaus
Hips/Elbows:  OFA; Good/Normal
Titled: BH, AD, IPO3, TR3
Email's received;
Ramona - great news to share -  Bear got his IPO2 today!!  It was cold and an extremely windy all day, but he did great.  We'll send some photos as soon as we have a chance.  I thought you would be excited to hear that.  He really is working very well. Thanks Rene
#2: Ramona,  It has been a while since we have spoken and I wanted to provide an update on Bear's progress -  (L litter).  We're extremely excited to let you know that he earned his IPO-1 title this past weekend in Colorado.  We were a little nervous in tracking in that he spent most of his life tracking in grass and the trial would be dirt.  He did a great job and tracked extremely well despite fairly windy conditions.  He loves the protection work and has great speed to the helper.  In general he is a happy, well balanced dog that is a pleasure to work with.    We have already started work on his IP0-2 and will let you know how he progresses.   Regards,  Rene
#3: Ramona- we came to the souther border in Texas to trial Bear this weekend. I thought a photo of a Czech Border dog on the southern border was fitting!  Bear got his IPO3 today, with a 96 in tracking!!

Tundra of Sapphire Mountain "Ransom"
Santo of Sapphire Mountain
Dam: Jetta vom Feldhaus
Email received November 2014:
#1: Tundra, AKA Ransom, has many characteristics you describe about Santo, especially about the use of the front legs! We call Ransom's front legs "larms" because uses them like arms too.  He is our fourth GSD and he is the only one that can do that! He is now 2 years old and has brought us much joy (and I must admit a little bit of anguish-he was a challenging pup) and has grown into an amazing, athletic dog.  He has a sense of humor and is always ready to participate100% in whatever we are doing.  We love him so much! Thanks for sharing about Santo, it gives me a little insight to our dog. All the best, Cathy
#2:  I looked at the pictures of Touche’ and she and Ransom definitely share the same look.  Thanks for all you do for the GSD.  You truly breed quality dogs!  Have a nice Thanksgiving- Cathy