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Imrich of Sapphire Mountain:  call name "Cowboy" WA:
Winner of the 2017 JORIAD Truffle Dog Championship, out of 20 dogs competing.
SOG (Single Odor Games),
NW1 (fastest time container portion)

Email received 3-24-17;
Just wanted to update you with Cowboys latest accomplishments.  Last Sunday he got his ABC Games SOG (Single Odor Games) title.  The big news is yesterday down in Oregon he got his NW1 title.  He also had the fastest time for the container portion of the trial.
While in Oregon, I had many compliments on his looks and how sure he was of himself with people, dogs and his surroundings.  He is truly a Rock Star! 

Email received 1-27-17;
Yesterday Cowboy placed 1st at the North American Truffle Dog Championship. The Joriad was put on by the Oregon Truffle Festival.  20 dogs started the tests. The 1st test was the TORT ( truffle odor recognition test ). If you passed then you had 5 mins to find 5 hides inside a partitioned horse arena. Cowboy placed 1st. The top 5 dogs then went to a producing truffle location. We were given 1 hour to find as many truffles as we could. There was a field judge that followed each dog team and collected the truffles. Oregon Public Broadcast ( OPB ) sent the Oregon Field Guide crew out to film the event. They followed Cowboy while we hunted. The 2nd place dog found 10 truffles and Cowboy found 24 so he won! All the judges were so impressed with his good nature with both people and dogs. While in the field all 5 dogs were in the same area so you were running into teams a lot. Once again he was a rock star!
Email received 2016;
Cowboy was a rock star today. He passed all 3 Odor Recognition Tests. When he turns a year we can start entering Nose Work Trials.  He has become a really solid dog. Today he was such a gentleman to all the dogs he had to deal with at the ORT facility. He had to enter an office then down a hallway into the enclosed testing room and he never gave it a second thought. He also had to hang in the car all day due to taking all 3 tests. After the second test I could see he was getting a bit board so we went for a quick car ride then to a park to play a little fetch. Went back and he nailed the last and most important test. Truffle season is starting up so we will be playing in the woods this fall and winter.  Cowboy says woof to all his littermates and mom and dad. Aiko

He has quite a nose!  He is unearthing dog toys that have been missing for years in our back yard.  Aiko

I think we will call him Cowboy. What a sweet heart! I sent a few pics of getting him ready to go hiking. Some of my hiking friends came over to meet him and then we stuffed him in my day pack! He had no issues at least for today :)
We will start out with short walks and when he is tired I'll stuff him into the pack! Most likely 15 mins into the hike and he will be in the pack. He is perfect! Went to a safe area and we worked on chasing a tennis ball and having him bring it back.  He is food driven and will be lots of fun to train!

Hi Ramona!  We just wanted to send an update on our German Sheperd "Koda of Sapphire Mountain"!  (K Litter-Basko/Ravenna)  He is already 8 months old and time has just flown by!  He is turning out to be such a well behaved family dog.  Our children are so attached to him and he is just as attached to them.  He always has to know where they are and what they are doing!  He is very active and enjoys walks to the lake.  I have attached a picture.  Thank you again so much, we absolutely love him!  Matthew, Melissa, Treju, Ethan, Mattie and Katelyn Thompson.  Somers, MT

Indy of Sapphire Mountain:
Hi Ramona, We thought we'd tell you how well Indy is doing. What a great dog! He is extremely smart, very agile, and has awesome nerve. He has such great confidence and doesn't get spooked or nervous. Obedience training is going very well, and he has great self control in training. He's got a drive for the ball that NEVER quits, and a thrown ball or frisbee has turned into the ultimate reward. We feel great about his interaction with new people and new dogs: confident and calm. One of his characteristics that has impressed us the most is his incredible focus. When we train, play tug-of-war or fetch, his focus on the task is surgically precise and virtually can't be distracted. We frequently get complimented on his intense focus and drive. He's got an independent spirit and a big personality, which brings its challenges and excitement, and we're developing a great bond with the little guy and LOVE his temperament. He's got so much energy and drive that we worry about his joints, because he'll go ALL day, so we're trying to watch that pretty close and his keep jumping to a minimum. He's almost four and a half months now and just weighed in at 34 pounds. Thanks for your remarkable breeding program that produces such stellar dogs. We are so proud of him!  Also, we're pretty convinced he's the best looking dog on the planet. Tell Basko and Ravenna that Indy says hi!  Cannon and Mikee. Idaho Falls, ID. 

Ivy of Sapphire Mountain; SAR and family use;
Hi Ramona, Just wanted to let you know Ivy is settling in nicely. Eating well, and cooperative with potty training. She's very outgoing and fearless.  I have an appt. for vaccine boosters next Saturday. I attached a pic of her.
Thanks Again, Rebecca

Ivar of Sapphire Mountain;

Title/Training: CGC,  IPO
Hips/Elbows: OFA Preliminary Rated Hips: Good, Elbows look healthy states vet.

Good morning Ramona! I wanted to share a picture of Chevy celebrating his 1st birthday with us! In one year he has learned fabulous manners, the proper way to chase bunnies, how to climb a mountain and run with an atv, that fishing poles lead to him getting to eat slimy fish, that jolly balls (rather ANY ball) is the greatest thing on earth and that he can take up 90% of a queen size bed. He is our best friend and a great addition to our family! Thank you for bringing him into our lives! Let's see what the second year brings! Love,  Jill and Kevin

Hey Ramona! I attached some pictures of our guy at training. I can't believe that he's almost 16 weeks old! He's now getting his adult teeth so we will be taking a break from bite work.  They grow up so fast. His colors started to come in and he is quite the looker! He's a sturdy little guy and such a sweetheart. Thanks again!  Kevin and Jill

Hey Ramona! Our boy "Ivar" is adjusting well! Everyone at protection training is very impressed with him and constantly compliment him on his temperament, confirmation, gait, and drive. I think he might get a big head from all the attention he gets! He is doing great with socializing and is doing phenomenal at protection and obedience! He is right on the glove and knows all of his commands already. We have spoken with our local Schutzhund club and will be meeting with the director soon. I know he's gonna do fantastic! He's a very confident and impressive puppy and I cannot thank you enough!  Have a wonderful week! Jill

We decided on the name Ivar for our puppy. Thank you for everything you do! He already knows how to sit and is doing great potty training!

Isabella of Sapphire Mountain:  family use:
Ramona, Isabella is our choice for register name.  We call her Luca in person.  Things are going well.  We are acting quickly to give her treats or praise when she sits at attention, which as you pointed out to me, she was doing naturally as soon as we got her. Did you train that behavior or do you think it's due to favorable genetics?

Inka of Sapphire Mountain:  "Alexi" family use:
Super intelligent, very busy female!  Fearless, forward moving, likes to be in the middle of whatever we have going on yet is fine to be off exploring and independent. Super retrieve drive, packs anything around that she can cram in her mouth. Very fun pup....oh boy are these pups a lot of work while little!