Client testimonials and photos on Nā Pali offspring;

Freyja of Sapphire Mountain; BHx2, AD, OFA Good / Normal (Xurk x Na Pali)

Ramona- I hope you are doing well.  I wanted to let you know that Michelle and Freyja are getting along well!  She is working towards her BH.  Freyja is tracking well and showing nice balanced drives.  The photos are from a training sessions today. Rene
(nice carry)

(working on grips)

Rene at Glacier National Park with his IPO3 dog Bear of Sapphire Mountain and daughter with her new pup
Freyja of Sapphire Mountain;
Freyja is training at a IPO club and reports are "strong drives, independent female".
Ramona, I wanted to let you know that we made it back to Colorado. Everyone did well.  The female is looking really good.  She spent a couple nights in hotels, was very outgoing and met lots of people.  She also had no problems with elevators and a variety of surfaces. Lots of energy and fun.  Thanks again for taking good care of Bear. I look forward to seeing how the pups turn out.  Rene

Faro of Sapphire Mountain: CA
Hi Ramona, We thought you'd like to see how one of your pups has been doing, he was part of the F liter.  Surname was Faro call name is Kratos.  He's getting big and weighs in at 70 Lbs already.  He's the best dog we have ever owned.  Very smart and loyal.  He loves to swim in the pool, prey-chase drive is strong and every time the baby cries he cries too.  While potty training he only had 3 accidents the entire time!!  We wanted to say thank you for the addition to our family.  Billy 

Fokken of Sapphire Mountain CGC;
Hey Ramona, Just wanted to give you an update on Fokken (Na Pali / Xurk F litter) aka Drako! He is now 6 months old weighing in at 63lbs and doing GREAT!! He is beautiful and so smart! He goes everywhere with us, loves bike rides and hikes! He knows over 20 commands and is a sharp learner! We can't go for a walk without someone stopping us to say how beautiful looking he is! He is great with my kids and has bonded with my oldest son, doesn't leave his side! We cant thank you enough for this wonderful addition to our family, we love him and are so happy he is a part of our family! Thank you! Monica Hawkins