Nā Pali of Mission Mountain TD 2017
Fittingly named after two of the most beautiful places on this earth,  the Nā Pali Coast State Park, Kauai, Hawaii, which I've had the pleasure to explore and hike and the majestic Mission Mountain range which is our home.

Nā Pali tracks with a natural deep nose. She is a dog that is easy to handle, affectionate, very balanced in drives
and has a nice approach to people.  She is controllable around other dogs, has good retrieve drive, full grips, and nice hunt drive. She has no problem with different floor surface or climbing over and through obstacles. She has good health, strong bone/head and is a attractive large black sable female with super pigment. She is also a good brood to her pups which are currently doing well in both family and IPO.

Nā Pali carries a pedigree of Czech / DDR / West German working blood.
Some of the dogs in her pedigree are from the following working kennels;
"B" litter ze Svobodného dvora, vom Grafental, Hronovsky pramen, z Vrtovske doliny.