Kona of Mission Mountain: Named after the sunny lava-lined western coast on the Big Island of Hawaii, where I enjoyed exploring, hiking the beaches and mountains, and snorkeling with beautiful turtles and fish, and the majestic Mission Mountain which is where we are blessed to live.

Kona has very balanced temperament / drives. He has a good nose on him.  He is the dog we get out first if something has been lost. Good on unstable surfaces and good retrieve drive. Kona weighed in at 80 pounds at our vet at 2.5 years.

Kona carries a pedigree of Czech / DDR / West German working blood. Some of the dog's in this pups pedigree are from the following working kennels; "B" litter ze Svobodného dvora, vom Grafental, Hronovsky pramen, z Vrtovske doliny. Kona is now owned by Mr. Hanson.

All photos below are copyright/owned/taken by; Ramona Mogan - Sapphire Shepherd