Donner Offspring;

We are delighted to announce that one of our fine females has whelped a healthy litter of 6 strong Donner pups!! This well planned, frozen semen litter of excellent working genetics allows us the opportunity to bring the desired bloodline of the exceptional Seattle WA. Police K9 Donner into our breeding program and to working hands. Also, this unique breeding welcomes great-grand offspring of our own program!  A lot of history behind this litter.
                     The "U" litter of Sapphire Mountain line bred on;  Ingo von Rudingen; 5, 5, 5
Scroll down to view more photos of these pups.
Every litter we produce from any of our special frozen semen breeding's will be placed on AKC LIMITED REGISTERATION. 
    -This does not mean you must spay or neuter your dog it just means you do not have AKC breeding rights! 
    -For the health of your dog and in the event we need to take the dog back it is important the dog be left non-
For our working clients we guarantee to lift the AKC LIMITED REGISTRATION to FULL upon completion of the following health and training requirements;
#1; Dog has received a passing (dysplasia free) rating on both hips and elbows from PennHIP, OFA or SV.
#2; Dog has been titled or certified and working in at least one of the following areas; Law Enforcement, SAR, French Ring 1, PSA 1, IPO 1.