Boss Lady offspring;

O-Samson of Sapphire Mountain; KS
Hi Ramona, This email is to let you know male pup with red, now known as Samson, is doing well. He has been exposed to many social situations including restaurants, airplanes, school, movie theaters and my office. He has done well in each experience. His favorite place is laying at my feet (biting my toes on occasion). His favorite activity is chasing a toy that my kids have tied to an elastic cord. They get running out in front of him, dragging the toy and he chases the toy around and around the yard. We are very pleased with his progress house training and he sleeps in a kennel quietly all night. Hope you enjoy the photos. Thanks, Jeannie

Orr of Sapphire Mountain; WY
She is fearless. In my opinion she should be in a SAR or law enforcement home. She has her nose down following every scent. I have a large shower that does not have a door. So she walks into the shower with me. Last night a soap bubble floating on top of the water caught her eye and she focused on it so intensely she got soaked! It was truly comical.
She looks like a little tank. I'd guess she weighs 15 or 16 pounds now. Beautiful conformation, solid. I will tell you Ramona that placing one of these highly bred pups in inexperienced hands could be disaster. I know what I am doing (however I must admit I had forgotten how much trouble it really is) but she keeps me on my toes. She takes a correction well. I've finally started not letting her attack the other two dogs when they come in the house from outside. Her teeth are so lethal that I've found lifting her body with my foot between her legs disabling her ability to proceed works. To say she is 'busy' is an understatement. Yesterday we walked a good two miles. No problem. I have elk, deer, antelope, all manner of birds and she just watches them. Of course, the other two dogs do nothing so she has them to follow.
Anyway, wanted to give you a report. Of course I have nothing to compare this breeding to, but it is a fine one for sure.  Very cold and lots of snow. Carolyn

Odin of Sapphire Mountain; Alaska

Thought I would send you a picture of Odin and Willow. We could not have asked for a more perfect puppy! At 14 weeks old, he is 34 lbs, brilliant, adorable and so easy to train. Completely house broken after2 1/2 weeks. Crate trained. Sits on command. Stays on command (for at least 30 seconds) and is learning the heel and down commands. Thank you for producing such a wonderful dog!   Dena 

Hi Ramona, Odin is fitting into our home very well.  We adore him...and most of the time, so does Willow! He is growing fast. Our vet was impressed with his temperament as well.  All the best, Dena 

O'Sadie of Sapphire Mountain; MT

Othmar of Sapphire Mountain; FL
Pup arrived seemingly safe and only took about 10 minutes before he was busy and curious about everything.  One can tell he's going to be beautiful and he seems to have a great character! Nancy

He seems to be doing well, we have a lot of play sessions! He met his trainer last week and she said he is gorgeous and smart!  I love him dearly.....thank you, Nancy