Rest in peace great Balli
 July 10,1996 - June 2010


(sire of our dogs, Czar & Pearl of Sapphire Mountain)

Sire: Manto v. Kahlenbach: SchH3.
Dam: Arne Egidius: SVV2, SchH3, IPO3.
Balli's Titles: SVV1, ZVV3, IPO3, SchH3, ZPS1.
Winner of Protection at the 2003 Czech Republic National Competition.
Very Good
Hips: 0/0
Breed Survey: Selected 1st Breed Class 5X1/P
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Balli's scores:
SchH1 (94/82/95) / SchH2 (96/79/85) / SchH3 (93/90/91) / IPO1 (94/82/100)
IPO2 (100/86/100) / IPO3 (88/84/98) / SVV1 (100/96/98) / ZVV1 (100/94/98)
ZVV3 (90/79/95) / ZPS-1 (95/92)

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Balli was bred by Marianna Petruskova in Bardejov Slovakia. Balli was used as stud by numerous kennels in Europe before we purchased him from a private owner in the Dakotas.  Balli was a imposing dog with excellent nerves. Loud, rambunctious chaos from my kids could go on around him and he would remain unfazed, nothing/no one ever shook him. Balli had a neutral attitude toward strangers paying them no attention unless he thought it needed. In his senior years Balli was lucky to live out his life locally as a ranch/house dog. His owners told me that even up till the time of his death, he would light up with enthusiasm to see them put on their coats and pick up the flashlight to go out to check the stock at night. This brought back memories of night patrol for Balli no doubt. Balli died at 1 month short of his 14th birthday. 

While in Europe Balli was used for breeding extensively and was a proven top producer of Law Enforcement and Service dogs. He was famous for his enormously hard protection and perfect tracking often scoring perfect 100‘s in both disciplines. In 2003 Balli attained the prestigious ZVV3 title along with the honor of being awarded the Czech Republic Champion in the protection phase of this very demanding/realistic title. Only 3 to 5 dogs earn the ZVV3 title per year.

Balli was a dog capable of daily training and always completed all disciplines with full assignment. He possessed valuable balanced character with rock solid nerves. He carried heavy bone, dark pigment, large head and known for passing these characteristics/drives onto his offspring. Balli’s offspring matured fast, they start to bite at 6 months of age. By an early age of 1 year his offspring show top hardness and sharpness. They have superb drive for tracking/protection work, are solid nerved and balanced. They are dogs that naturally bite for real.

Within Balli’s first 3 years of breeding in Europe, his offspring immediately went to work in many of the troubled areas of the world, used by police for bomb/drug detection, and distinguished themselves in the Israeli Military. One was K9 hero Simba. While working with Israeli homeland defense special forces Simba was accompanying his handler on regular military exercise in the Gaza area, when he helped discover/destroy a group of 3 intruders. Privately owned, Simba was in training in special civil defense backed by a superior genetic background which enabled this balanced dog to endure, operate and attack under light and heavy machine gun fire exchange. Simba was only 8 months old at the time of the attack!

The bloodlines behind Balli represent the ultimate collection of top working lines. Primarily the line of Ingo v. Rudingen that originates in former East Germany and precious blood of v. Kirschental renown for the breeding of dogs used by shepherds for the guiding/protection of flocks of sheep. Balli’s father, Manto v. Kahlenbach a Lord vom Gleisdreieck, son was the winner of the Austria Championship's 3 times. One of these wins took place at the early age of 3 years. He also placed 2nd at the World Championship two times.

On Balli’s mothers side you will find extremely valuable old blood from Czech Rep. & Slovakia. These are the bloodlines that are represented in a majority of dogs regularly taking part in the German Shepherd World Championships (WUSV). Among the many successes of these lines it is worthy to note that 2 of Balli’s half brothers placed as the most successful competitors in the National Association of Police Dogs (NAPD). Balli’s mother, ARNE EGIDIUS was honored in 1999 of being voted The best working dog dam of the year, in the Slovak Rep.

Littermates of Balli:
Biaki; SUCHNO 30597/96/99 , SZ 9141015, SVV1, IPO2, Dobrý, 5CV7/44 P- good,, a.
Banti; SZ 9109008, a.
Biani; SZ 8015204, SchH3. Participant 1999 WUSV Germany, A; 98V, B; 95SG, C; 87G Total; 280SG Placement 29. Participant 2000 WUSV Belgium, A; 99, B; 89, C; 91 Total; 279. Placement 34

All photos in slide show are copyrighted and were taken at Sapphire Shepherds, St. Ignatius Montana.