Rhea of Sapphire Mountain:

Certification: Cadaver Level 1 (bred/trained/handled by Ramona Mogan, tested under Tri-State requirements)
Hips/Elbows: OFA Hips EXCELLENT / Elbows NORMAL

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Rhea is a elegant, medium large, female with beautiful expression and sable coloring. A very healthy female, she is OFA certified Excellent hips and Normal elbows. Rhea is a female that is always ready for work showing great agility, speed and willingness to work with the handler. She is a passionate retriever with strong hunt drive, has very strong prey drive.  She is very intelligent and performs all commands with great joy. She has good social judgment and is easily controllable. In all environments and situations she is confident and full of enthusiasm. Rhea picks up new skills amazingly fast, always a joy to work with, one of the smartest dogs I have seen in my program. Rhea has offspring currently being prepared by experienced handlers/trainers of working dogs for a number of working areas; Police, Search and Rescue, top sport, detection, service dog for hearing impaired.

Rhea was a top representative of what her parents combined genetics have brought into Sapphire Shepherds breeding program. Her excellent genetics have been recognized by others. Rhea was purchased by the RCMP (Royal Canadian Mounted Police Dog Breeding Program).  Rhea now has offspring being used in their breeding program for the production of Police dogs.

From her sire's line Rhea is from the 2nd bloodline founded by Hettel Uckermark to the renown working branch over Greif v. Felsenstein. Rhea is a typical daughter of Rocky from which she inherited her agility, huge willingness to work with handler, retrieve drive and natural aggression.

From her dam's side our own Varna z Pohranicni straze, Rhea inherited her high working drive, perfect boning and temperament and is from the 3rd. bloodline founded by Klodo v. Boxberg. Rhea is a typical representative of her great-grandsire's Grim z Pohranicni straze line, over her significant grandmother Darka z Pohranicni straze. Other important dogs in Rhea's pedigree are the great stud dog Argo z Travnickova dvora, and Arys z Travnickova dvora who is famous for his progeny possessing certified excellent hips and elbows.

Rhea was very valuable to us for producing excellent hip/elbow health and trainability. Her mother our Varna z Pohranicni straze came from an all 0/0 hip rated litter as her grandmother, Darka z Pohranicni straze came from 6th generations of puppies that all had excellent hips and elbows. We are very fortunate to have Rhea’s genetics in our breeding program.