Sire: Jupp z Jirkova dvora: ZM, ZVV1
Dam: Qveeny z Dudakova: ZVV1
Mambo's Titles: OP1 (76,92), IPO3, ZVV3
a-Normal, SZ-Nr # 9130430, ZW #91
Show Rating: Vyborny (Excellent), DNA
Breed Survey: Selected 1st Breed Class, 5JVQ1/P
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Mambo is SchH USA registered.

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We feel fortunate to have brought Mambo's genetics into our breeding program and into the United States for others. Mambo's history as stud dog;

2004 to 2007: Mambo was a major producer for a private kennel in the Czech Rep. This kennel is owned by the former head of genetics and director of training at the renown government run border patrol kennel, z Pohranicni straze.

Spring/Summer 2007: Mambo is leased by the government run police dog breeding facility Policia in Slovakia.

December 2007-April 2010: Mambo is purchased directly from the Czech Rep. and imported into Montana USA, by Sapphire Shepherds. Mambo is co-owned and standing as stud at Sapphire Shepherds.

April 2010.......Sapphire Shepherds will continue to utilize Mambo’s genetics years to come through his offspring and frozen semen that is owned.

Mambo is a dog full of confidence.  He is playfull, pushy and persistant.  He was in my experience, respectfull of other animals and became tolerant of my young disabled son.  He was a dog that was fairly easy to work with providing you had some experience with a dominate dog and used good judgment. His temperament/demeaner puts him in the group of dogs that I have owned who would not give up in a fight.

The majority of offspring Mambo has produced here at Sapphire Shepherds have been placed into multiple working areas. Experienced and new working handlers in the areas of search and rescue, detection, police, working dog breeding programs, and sport SchH are all preparing Mambo pups from my various females. Mambo has two daughters that are working service dogs, one for a hearing impaired handler and another working as a Dog Guide for her blind owner/trainer. This proves much about the stable and balanced temperament, drive and versatility Mambo and my females produce in their offspring and the working genetics offered by Sapphire Shepherds. Mambo is a well proven producer of highly trainable dogs that are well equipped for true working situations to family needs. He is known for passing his strength, speed and complete working drives onto his offspring. His pups demonstrate a love of tracking, demonstrate good hunt drive and hardness of character. Many show the ability to adapt quickly and feel at ease in new environments, demonstrating solid nerves and correct social judgment.

A dog who needs little introduction to most, Mambo is recognized as one of the last real dogs to be bred in the famed z Pohranicni straze kennel. Mambo is a product of pure working lines containing excellent "old" z Ps and z Dudakova blood, along with some of the strongest "old" West German and DDR working lines. Well over 30 years of select breeding preformed by genetic experts have gone into producing Mambo's qualities. We, along with many other top breeding and training programs of working dogs worldwide have appreciated what Mambo brings to the German Shepherd breed. For that reason Mambo has been widely used as stud.

Mambo is a medium large male with strong bones, head and dark pigmentation. He carries an excellent "V" rated conformation, excellent hips/elbows and is breed surveyed considerable courage, hardness and fight drive. He possess the perfect build and ideal weight for a working dog, with movements that are absolutely firm and spacious. Hunt drive on this dog is extremely high. His tracking and protection skills are very strong. His ground speed into the helper is exceptional! His grips are full and powerful. He is a dog that can very easily handle an extreme amount of pressure. Mambo is a serious dog with a very "real" temperament. He is a sharp dog that at the same time has very high prey drive. Mambo has huge enthusiasm and energy for all work and is enjoyable to work with. The biggest reward to Mambo for correct training is a thrown ball. He is a dog with very sound nerves and very good judgment. He is one of the very few working dogs in Europe to attain the prestigious ZVV 3 title.

Mambo is out of Jupp z Jirkova dvora and Qveeny z Dudakova. This is a repeat breeding combination. In Mambo's 5th generation pedigree you will find line breeding on Kaso z Pohranicni straze (4,3), Iwo von der Buschecke (5,4), and Ema z Pohranicni straze (5,4).

The sire of Jupp, is Koran z Pohranicni straze who brings in the 5th bloodline founded by Rolf v Osnabrucker Land through Bojar z Pohranicni straze, Treu von Schaferscholtz and Arko von Grafental. Koran is line bred on Amor Alenky (5,5). Jupp' mother, Zanet z Jirkova dvora is the daughter of world renowned Brix vom Kapfwald, who at the very young age of 2.5 yrs became the working Champion of Germany! Brix is line bred (3-5) on the excellent blood of Racker vom Itztal a well respected dog for bringing excellent tracking skills, improved grip, obedience and bidability and most valuable of all, his ability to pass his superior intelligence onto his offspring! Brix also brings to Mambos genetics the prized blood of Wicko von Meran, and Frei von der Gugge. Through Zanet's mothers, Pegi z Pohranicni straze you find her sire the legendary Titus z Pohranicni straze along with 2 different lines to Held von Ritterburg (3,3) through Bero von der Friedersdorfer Flur and Kass vom Furtendamm. Pegi also brings a line breeding on Gomo vom Osterburg (5.5). Verva z Pohranicni straze and Bolko Kostar is also seen in her ancestry.

Mambo's mother Qveeny, through her sire Baro vom Kuhlen Norden brings excellent "old" West German working lines and brings the 3rd bloodline founded by by Klodo Boxberg who is renown to pass great training ability Baro is line bred (4,4-5) on Eros vom Busecker Schlob who's sire Mike vom Bungalow brings in excellent ties to the "old blood", and a (4-4) line is seen on Bert von Haus Knufken ans (5-5) on Seffe vom Busecher Schlob. Baro also brings to Mambo again, the excellent blood of Frei von der Gugge, along with the huge produce of Police dogs Greif zum Lahntal, and the legendary Brend vom Lierberg. These are all dogs who not only preformed and produced very well, much of their offspring did also. Qveeny's mother Mona z Dudakove brings in the significant working blood of Meik von Weidagrund. Mona is also line bred on the exceptional working/producing dog Dar z Przma (5-4) and brings in Iwo von der Buscheck, seen in Mambo's 4th generation.

All photos on this web site of Mambo have been taken by and are copyrighted by Sapphire Shepherds.