Jetta vom Feldhaus offspring;

Xurk of Sapphire Mountain: 
TD (Tracking dog title), TDU (Tracking Dog Urban)
Zoot of Sapphire Mountain          
Hips/Elbows: PennHIP ranking in the 90th percentile. Excellent hip health. OFA Preliminary Rated: Elbows; Normal. 
DM: Clear
Sire: Zoot of Sapphire Mountain
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Touché of Sapphire Mountain: TD (Tracking Dog title)
OFA: Preliminary Rated Good/Normal
DM: Clear
Sire: Santo of Sapphire Mountain: SAR Cadaver 1, Narcotics.  OFA; Excellent/Normal

SG Little Bear of Sapphire Mountain
: BH, AD, TR3, IPO3 High in Trail, Pronounced, Releases, Tracking 96
Bear also earned IPO2 1st Place, Pronounced
Breed Survey:
KKL 2.  2016-2017
OFA: Good / Normal
Sire: Santo of Sapphire Mountain: SAR Cadaver 1, Narcotics. OFA: Excellent/Normal

Email received; Ramona - Great news to share, Bear got his IPO2 today! It was cold and an extremely windy all day, but he did great.  We'll send some photos as soon as we have a chance.  I thought you would be excited to hear that.  He really is working very well. 
Email received 2013:
Ramona,  It has been a while since we have spoken and I wanted to provide an update on Bear's progress (L litter).  We're extremely excited to let you know that he earned his IPO1 title this past weekend in Colorado.  We were a little nervous in tracking in that he spent most of his life tracking in grass and the trial would be dirt.  He did a great job and tracked extremely well despite fairly windy conditions.  He loves the protection work and has great speed to the helper.  In general he is a happy, well balanced dog that is a pleasure to work with.    We have already started work on his IP02 and will let you know how he progresses.   Thank you! 

Cato of Sapphire Mountain:
CGC, SAR IPWDA Human Remains Land
Hips/Elbows: OFA: Fair/Normal
Kona of Mission Mountain

Email received November 2014:  I can't say enough about this amazing boy! He is the most confident and trainable boy.
I have exposed him to quite a few things to try to find his strengths and decide what route to take. He has proven to be fit for it all, now I'm not sure what direction to take. My SAR friends want me to bring him on board ASAP as he already is doing runaways and can certainly use his nose.
My Schutzhund friends have a strong "hold" and are twisting my arm because of his potential. Our trainer said he has not seen this confidence in a pup in a long time.  One of the tests Cato took was a plastic toddler pool filled with plastic bottles. The object was to try to get the pup to go in and not get spooked by the sound, etc. Cato charged right in and stayed in jumping around in the middle. I would love and value your input with help in my decision.
Uma is completing her certs to become fully operational. We will be going to Kentucky in a few weeks to take our cadaver cert with IPWDA.  Thanks again Ramona. I look forward to hearing from you. 

Cinder of Sapphire Mountain:

Owner: Molly
is a National Level Agility competitor and hopes to do the same with Cinder.
Sire: Kona of Mission Mountain
Email received March 2015:
Hi Ramona,  Looks like you have your hands full with two amazing litters right now.  I just wanted to pass on a few more pics and a video of Cinder at 6 months with our foundation training.  Cinder looks amazing.  I receive compliments everywhere we go.  My trainers are delighted with this girl and think she is going to do great things.  She is extremely athletic and agile.  She can turn tighter than some of the border collies in my class which is no easy feat!  This girl was born to work.  Her drive and ethic are incredible.  I have been asked by dozens of people where she comes from and know at 1 or 2 people that are thinking about getting a puppy from you down the road. They are that impressed!  Here is the link to the video: 
Email received November 2014:
Hi Ramona,  I hope you and your pups are doing well.  I just wanted to send you an update on Cinder (Jetta/Kona C-litter) and let you know how many compliments I receive about her looks and personality.  She is strikingly beautiful and has a face that has melted the heart of everyone we meet.  She has nerves of steel and an impressive work ethic for a pup of such young age.  Her drive was just what I was looking for and it has translated well in training.  But with the energy of a little fire cracker, she has a great off switch and settles when appropriate.  She is a social butterfly that loves every person and every animal she meets.  She is enjoying the California lifestyle and enjoys the beach and stand up paddle boarding.  I have attached a photo of her on my sup board in the marina for you to enjoy.  I look forward to updating you in the future with her accomplishments.  I know there will be many!
Email's received October 2014:
#1; Hi Ramona,  We made it home without a hitch.  Cinder slept the entire way both flights.  She played with a youngster on our layover and made lots of friends.  She is so social and courageous!  My German shepherds would like me to send her back as they are not enjoying the ankle biting and chasing, but I can see they will adjust quickly once the realize she is here to stay.  I have a vet visit scheduled for tomorrow for physical and stool check.  All is well.  Thanks so much for all your help! 
#2; Just want you to know that Cinder is doing great.  She has a ton of energy and has adjusted to our home and dogs well. Her stool was negative and she is healthy. She continues to be quite the ankle (or should I say calf) biter but with redirection she is learning to choose a toy over flesh ;). I can't tell you enough how much we love her!

Xahria of Sapphire Mountain: CGC, UKC URO1, Service Dog,
X-rayed healthy hips reported from owner and vet
Sire: Zoot of Sapphire Mountain
Email's received:  
#1: UKC show weekend.  One trial today, 2 tomorrow and 1 Sunday.  Entered Xahria in all four trials.  Xahria qualified today with a score of 95 out of a possible 100 and got a 1st Place AND her URO1 Title!  I've moved her up, so tomorrow she will start competing for the URO2 title.  RO2 is all off-lead. Kath
#2: This afternoon, Xahri entered the ring for her first ever Rally 1A trial and did us proud!  She’s never worked without treats before, so that was all new too!  She completed the course and got a wonderful 93 pts. our of the possible 100!  Not only did she earn the first leg toward her title, she took 2nd place for RO1A.  Conformation ring she got Best Female, but didn’t get Breed – she was beat out by an adult male.  But, she showed really well and made us very proud,  she has beautiful movement. Tomorrow, we go back for more! Kath & the Furkids
#3: It just doesn't seem possible that Xahria and Xavier "Gabe" turned 1 year old this week!  Time goes by way too fast.  Lil and I had lunch yesterday and she had Gabe with his Service Dog vest, he was beautifully behaved in the restaurant! Both are starting on jumps in their training. Xahria loves to receive the Jolly Ball!! Getting ready to start AKC Novice Obedience class in August and hope to compete the first leg for her UKC RO1 Title in October. Kath
#3: She has never really had a puppy look to her - just looked like a miniature adult.  Lots of spirit and drive - once she matures, she could do anything one wanted.  Yet, she can be so calm and quiet - very appropriate. Right now, most people think she's an adult and when I tell them she's not yet 8 months old - they do a double take!  Had her to a UKC show this last October - the conformation judge for the herding breeds made a point of catching us so he could see her up close and he loved her.  We had lots of comments on how nice to see a "properly" structured GSD! She was just in the puppy match - not much other than experience.  Kath

Xavier of Sapphire Mountain, aka "Gabe"
Sire: Zoot of Sapphire Mountain 
Hips: X-rayed healthy hips reported from owner and vet
Use & Training: Service Dog, Obedience
Email received 2014:
Gabe is the perfect dog for me. His personality is super. We eat out two to three times a week at different restaurants.  Go to the grandchildren’s band concerts in gyms where the acoustics are horrible also to church.  We will start taking him to plays this fall and also to football games.  People remark all the time about how well behaved he is to be as young he is. He weighs 89 pounds. His training so far has been based on how we started out with our guide dog puppies.  Beginning to teach him to pick up and give. Doesn’t take him long to catch on, he thinks he belongs on the front seat and not in his crate.  Try to get him in crowds as much as possible.  Crowds nor noise bothers him. We are working on beginner’s novice and hope to enter him in some shows.  I really prefer agility.  Lillian



Xant of Sapphire Mountain
Sire: Zoot of Sapphire Mountain 
Email's received:
#1: Glock is doing great. I haven't had time to work with him, but he is over the top in play/prey drive.  I have never had a dog with this much nerve, nothing seems to phase him.  He is also laid back until the point he isn't, then he is all business.  Takes a lot to get him there.  He has a pretty good nose on him but not quite as good as Gjetta of Sapphire Mountain, but that could be experience.  He is about 85 lbs. of muscle.  Picture is an example of what this goof ball will do to get the prized toy. If you saw the picture, he has a Doberman "brother".  The Doberman is a complete smart a$$ and pretty much taunts the other two dogs.  When Glock has had enough, I need to be present to shut it down.  Glock is alpha. As far as work ethic, it takes nothing to take him out and teach him anything.  He is all in for anything. Like I said, haven't had a dog like this before.  What I like is at times, he will just lay down and study what is going on so he can learn what's up.
#2: Glock is doing great.  He sure is a treat. Very forward, getting along good with Gjetta (Mambo/Natasha), holds his own. Figuring thinks out pretty fast. We better stay in front, training wise with this guy.   Richard

Tundra of Sapphire Mountain (Ransom)
Santo of Sapphire Mountain
Owner: Cathy
Email's received November 2014:
Tundra, AKA Ransom, has many characteristics you describe about Santo, especially about the use of the front legs! We call Ransom's front legs "larms" because uses them like arms too.  He is our fourth GSD and he is the only one that can do that! He is now 2 years old and has brought us much joy (and I must admit a little bit of anguish-he was a challenging pup) and has grown into an amazing, athletic dog.  He has a sense of humor and is always ready to participate100% in whatever we are doing.  We love him so much!  
Thanks for sharing about Santo, it gives me a little insight to our dog. All the best, Cathy
#2:  I looked at the pictures of Touche’ and she and Ransom definitely share the same look.  
Thanks for all you do for the GSD.  You truly breed quality dogs!  Have a nice Thanksgiving- Cathy

Charlotte of Sapphire Mountain: BH, TR1, TD
Hips/Elbows: PennHIP ranking in the 90th percentile. OFA: Elbows: Normal
#1: Hello Ramona,  Sorry I haven't updated sooner. Charlotte is almost 4 months old already! She has been growing like crazy.  Charlotte likes to track just like Toby does. They both are super hard to take pictures of because they put their noses down and will not lift them up because they are too busy to be bothered with anything else. Charlotte has been really easy to work with, super smart and eager to please. She does most of her commands verbally already and with speed! After seeing several of Jetta's pups from different males I am very happy to purchase one of our own. Charlotte is no exception she has been out and about and nothing seems to phase her. She is extremely athletic. She crawls on, into, under everything! She moves like a very graceful adult dog already. I attended a schutzhund seminar in Bozeman this fall and was pleasantly surprised. Some trainers there talk about some czech lines being VERY sharp. These same people do not know a single thing about any individual dog I have asked about in any Czech bloodline but will spout off their opinions about them. In front of these people one of the trainers (paid) teaching the work remarked "when selecting dogs to make a German shepherd you want some sharpness, without it you wouldn't have a very good German shepherd!" I just had to smile and thought you would too. Hope all is well on your end. I have checked the website and you have some beautiful pictures posted. Looks like you are training away too. It is hard to find opportunities here in Montana!

#2:Hello Ramona! Just wanted to send you an update on Charlotte. We love her! She is a very nice balanced puppy. From what we can see from her she is exactly what we were looking for. She fits right in. We are very lucky to have the opportunity to purchase her.  Thank you again

Chase of Sapphire Mountain
Kona of Mission Mountain
Owner: Michele is very active in various types of dog training. Michele also owns a Santo - Flame daughter Micha of Sapphire Mountain and has spent much time training with Micha in dock diving, obedience.....
Email received October 2014:
Hi Ramona, I just wanted to drop you a quick note about how incredible our newly acquired puppy is.  Chase has been awesome, just awesome.  Inquisitive, responsive, loving, and both active and able to relax appropriately.  He went to his first weekend Nosework trial and I think the word used was “angel.”
Thank you so much for paying attention to the temperament of your dogs - we are already having a blast!  Michele

Cleo of Sapphire Mountain
Sire: Kona of Mission Mountain
Email received November 2014:
Thanks for the heads up.  The pup is doing well.  She certainly has a very high drive.  We have our first session with her trainer on Thursday.  She is so smart and a WHOLE lot of puppy. 
Thank you again! Paul

Coburn of Sapphire Mountain
Sire: Kona of Mission Mountain
Owner: Brian

Hi Ramona, We received the pup with no problem. We decided to give Coburn the nickname Kona like his father. My wife could’t go with Coby. Being San Antonio Spurs fans, Coby reminded us of Koby Bryant with the Lakers. Not good. 
Kona is fitting in well. He has been a great joy to us all. He is very trainable and catches on quick. He’s the most settled pup I have ever seen. Thanks again for all your help. Brian TX