FLAME of Sapphire Mountain;

Sire: Lary Bret-Bett: ZVV3
Dam: Ajsa Bohemia Rom-Pam: CGC, TD, TDX, BH, TR3, FH1
Flame's Training: Tracking
Hips/Elbows: OFA Hips; Good, Elbows; 1 of 2, 
DM; N/N Clear

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Current update on Flame 2016:  Now retired, Flame is a working security dog at a busy, multi practice after hours clinic.  After work, she goes home with one of the Dr.'s and spends her "off-hours" as a very comfortable house dog.  This Dr. states Flame has already stopped a potential break-in on 2 separate occasions and calls her a "valuable dog". Flame is a dog with genetics that are needed in the German Shepherd breed. A dog that cannot be owned by everyone she is dominate and hard.  She has been a very valuable brood female for my selective breeding program due to the traits that she possesses and gave to her offspring.

lame is a good sized dark sable female. She is affectionate within our family and with my kids, yet she is a civil dog that shows strong natural suspicion of strangers. She has strong full mouth grips, prey, retrieve and tracking drive. Her health has been excellent and she produces the same in her offspring with great mothering skills

Flame carries very strong working genetics. A daughter of our Lary Bret-Bett, Flame is of the 6th bloodline founded by Utz v. Haus Schutting. Flame inherited Lary's willingness to train in all 3 disciplines, his great love of tracking and protection work along with his bombastic jumps.

Flame is out of Ajsa Bohemia Rom-Pan who is of the 5th bloodline founded by Rolf v. Osnabruckerland. Ajsa is a large, black sable female with very real protection skills, and perfect tracking. Ajsa had super judgment toward people and showed stable aggression. Ajsa belonged to a very strong working pedigree. Many working Search and Rescue, SP/PS (Police Dogs) and level 3 sport dogs. Flame inherited her dams balanced drives, love of tracking, real protection skills and beautiful black sable color.

Flame's healthy progeny have fit well for owners looking for a dog with good health and strong natural protection instincts yet solid enough to bring into their home and be around their children.  Flame has also produced a daughter that is doing very well with a green handler competing in French Ring, a competition that is dominated by Mals!