Our Facilities;
  Dogs and humans have a great life at Sapphire Shepherds.  We are extremely fortunate to own property purchased specifically to raise, play and work with our dogs that provides us with everything we need to stay busy and start our dogs off on the right path.  We have 35 acres consisting of open, rolling fields for tracking, and  a separate training area fully set up with modern competition level agility equipment to play on. Mission Creek  runs through our property surrounded by heavy forest for times we want to familiarize our dogs in a natural environment to various scenarios; water, rock/rubble piles, log crossings over the water and various wildlife. Our land is somewhat secluded and very private yet close to towns for the times we want to test and train in a city environment.  We have dogs with us at all times, in the auto, outside around our home while working, and we usually have 4 to 6 dogs in the house sleeping with us. 
  For the times our dogs are required to be kenneled, we are able to provide them with the following first class accommodations;

Kennel Building;
  Our kennel is designed for efficiency and provides year round comfort, safety and security for all our dogs.   We operate out of a large historic barn that has gone through extensive remodeling, resulting in a beautiful, state of the art facility.  Every dog is provided a safe, peaceful and clean environment to eat, sleep and exercise.    

The Interior & Exterior;
  Our kennels are custom made by the Mason Company, recognized around the world as the gold standard of working dog kennels, designed for the safety and comfort of both dog and staff.
-All stainless steel kennels have privacy panels between each stall providing a calm, safe place for a dog to rest and eat. 
-Stall fronts have water and food installations enabling staff to perform those tasks without entering the kennel.
-Wall mounted transfer doors in each pen provide controlled indoor-outdoor dog access to runs, for ease and safety of staff and dogs while cleaning and feeding.
-Elevated dog beds are provided in each pen.
-Dog doors in every pen allow dogs the option to stay inside or to go outside to a large safe fenced exercise run. 
-Insulated and vented dog houses are provided in exterior pens for the dog that prefers to sleep outside.
-Radiant heated floors provide superior comfort to all during cold winter months.
-Steel wainscot on lower walls can be easily washed and is indestructible.
-Floor drains for quick and easy cleaning of complete kennel area when needed. 

Whelping & Pup Area;
  Our whelping rooms are also on radiant floor heat with privacy and comfort in mind for the broods; 
-Pens are designed for ease of use and cleaning with separate rest areas where mom can easily get in and out of the puppy pen on her own when she needs a break.  She has easy access to a private, attached outside run.
-As pups get older and can access the puppy door, they have access to their own private, outside play yard with a variety of age appropriate obstacles and development equipment.
-During cold, wet days the litters have a large inside pen where they exercise and play while we watch and note their development in comfort. 

On a side note;
My son Dan and I handled the bulk of the demolition work on this project.  It was long, hard work that took us well over a month before local Amish contractors could come in and help bring plans to fruition.  We had fun, we did good Dan, well done!